Mining Research

The Mining Research Cell undertakes research investigations on geotechnical projects and environment related issues, both on promotional and consultancy basis.

A mobile environmental monitoring lab with state-of-the-art equipment for air quality measurements is in operation.

Services Offered


Ministry of mines conducts environmental investigations by rendering consultancy- services on charge basis and promotional basis for the benefit of mining industry. Ministry of mines is also involved with BRGM, France on a collaborative project.


  • Mobile Environmental Laboratory (Van).
    Automatic Recording Electronic weather station.
    Dust Trak (Aerosol Monitor).
    Automatic Stream Monitor.
    Automatic Weather Sampler.
    Blast Vibration Monitors (Blast mate & Minimates).
    Noise Level Meter.
    Free Silica Sampler.
    Phase Contrast Microscope.
    Portable Photometer.
    GPS receiver.
    Latest computer hardware and softwares , Color printers, scanners,  digitizers,
    and Laptops with matching softwares MAPINFO,  MEDOWIN, dBOl.

Services offered:

  • Generation of environmental base line data for mining projects.
  • Preparation of REIA, EIA and EMP for mining projects.
  • Environmental Audit.
  • Risk Analysis and preparation of disaster management plan for site specific project.

Geo-technical Investigations

Ministry of mines undertakes geo-technical investigations by rendering consultancy services on charge basis and promotional basis for the benefit of mining industry.


  • Point Load Tester.
  • Biaxial Testing Machine.
  • Portable Shear Box.
  • Core Cutting and Grinding Equipment
  • Multi-point Bore hole Extensometer
  • Tape Extensometer with readout unit
  • Bore hole Piezometers with read out unit
  • Latest computer facilities with matching softwares like BLASTWARE, CATRA, GALENA etc. for processing the field generated data.

Services offered:

  • Geo-technical Investigations for slope stability.
  • Pit slope design.
  • Field geo-technical instrumentation monitoring and analysis of data.
  • Design of underground excavation.
  • Design of stoping methods, support requirements, instrumentation and monitoring.


Controller of Mines (MR)

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