Mining Laws

The Prime Minister, Head of Government,

Mindful of the Constitution;

Mindful of Framework Law No. 96/12 of 5 August 1996 on the management of the environment;Mindful of Law No. 98/15 of 14 July 1998 governing establishments classified as dangerous, unhealthy or obnoxious;Mindful of Law No. 2001/1 of 16 April 2001 to establish the Mining Code;Mindful of Ordinance No. 74/2 of 6 July 1974 to govern State land;Mindful of Decree No. 92/89 of 4 May 1992 to define the duties of the Prime Minister, as amended and supplemented by Decree No. 95/145 of 4 August 1995;Mindful of Decree No. 96/227 of 1 October 1996 to organize the Ministry of Mines, Water Resources and Power;Mindful of Decree No. 97/205 of 7 December 1997 to organize the Government, as amended and supplemented by Decree No. 98/67 of 28 April 1998;Mindful of Decree No. 97/206 of 7 December 1997 to appoint the Prime Minister,


Hereby decrees as follows:   jompi

Part I

General Provisions


  1. This decree lays down conditions for the implementation of Law No. 2001/1 of 16 April 2001 to establish the Mining Code.


  1. Within the meaning of this decree, the following terms shall be defined as follows:

address”: set of information, residence, post office box, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address of the holder which are intended to facilitate direct correspondence between him and government services;

 “agent”: individual or corporate body of Cameroonian Law who buys from prospectors, or holders of non-industrial mining authorizations, minerals extracted from Cameroon sub-soil and who directly ensures the sale thereof;

“spring water”: water with little or no mineral, aerated or not, without any mention of its therapeutic property;

“mineral water”:  natural water whose solution contains either mineral salts, gases or both at the same time and having therapeutic properties;

“thermo-mineral water”: mineral water with a high temperature at the point of resurgence;

“law”: the law to establish the Mining Code;

“non-industrial prospector”: individual or corporate body of Cameroonian nationality with an individual prospector’s card issued under conditions laid down by this decree.

“representation”: set of information enabling the Government to contact the holder through a third party;

“extraction site”: place where minerals are extracted and possibly processed.

Common Provisions on Mining Titles,

 Notification of Documents

(1) Anyone applying for a mining title, an authorization or permit shall be bound to have an address or a representation in the Republic of Cameroon. Such address or representation shall be made known to the Minister in charge of mines.

(2) Notification of administrative deeds, instructions or documents, shall be done exclusively using this address or representation.

(3) Any change of address or representation shall be made known to the Minister in charge of mines within a period not exceeding thirty (30) days.

4.(1) Any request or other document produced either by the applicant, or by a holder, shall be written in French or English. They shall be dated, signed and stamped at the rate in force.

(2) Where the law requires that an application be produced in several copies, the appended documents shall be provided in as many copies.

(3) Any person authorized to submit an application on behalf of an applicant, a holder of a mining title, permit or an authorization shall provide evidence of his identity, status, address and power.