Extraordinary meeting of the Monitoring Committee of the low water level in 2016



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The Minister of Water and Energy, Dr. Basile Atangana Kouna chaired date, March 16, 2016 at 11 am in his cabinet room, an extraordinary meeting of the Monitoring Committee of the low water level in 2016, bringing together the main actors involved in the supply chain of electrical energy populations.

Before the exchanges devoted to the examination of the situation of electricity supply throughout the country and especially in search of sustainable solutions trails to guarantee a better quality of electrical utility, participants have previously made point disturbances observed these days on the South interconnected Network, including the interruption of electricity 8 March 2016.

Thus it is clear presentations that have punctuated the debate, including that of company CEO ENEO, the interruption of electrical power occurred March 8, 2016 on the 225 kV Mangombe-Oyomabang was occasioned by the falling tree outside corridor, about thirty meters, calcined after a bushfire.

Technical teams are immediately deployed on the ground during the same night, managed to solve the problem, until the occurrence of a more serious incident, the loss of a power transformer Oyomabang, Saturday, March 12 2016 to 14 hours.

Preventively, the ENEO Dealer commanded since June 2015, four power transformers, including that of Oyomabang. Said transformers will be received in Cameroon in June 2016. However, to restore electrical power to the city of Yaounde in particular, as soon as possible, technical solutions are being implemented, including:

– Changing the network configuration to optimize operating Dispatch at Oyomabang and the South Interconnected Network;

– Settings of operations for the eventual coupling with the Central Ahala of which has just been acquired by the Government;

– The repackaging of the old transformer 225/90 kV mono taken from Logbaba and already delivered emergency in Yaounde.Its commissioning is scheduled for Monday, March 21, 2016.

The outlook for all these urgent actions prescribed by the Minister of Water and Energy, are to return from that day, the depth of shedding 51 to 30 MW, to a return to normalcy of the situation scheduled for 22 March. In any event, the participants noted that the situation in post Oyomabang will remain precarious until the arrival in June 2016 new transformer controlled since June 2015

Finally, while requesting the Director General of the ENEO company regularly monitor, improved network performance and the achievement of a special program for this purpose, the Minister of Water and Energy , urged the different stakeholders, to seek, in the meetings of the task force put in place additional technical solutions, pending the completion of construction projects of power lines and building networks, currently being implementation.

Furthermore, with regard to the consideration of other items on the agenda, which gave rise to a rich debate proposals, the Committee noted in particular the provisional acceptance of the Central intervened Ahala March 15 2016 and the negative impact that low rainfall recorded in the basin of the Benue North has the interconnected Network. It was agreed in this regard, demobilization soon as possible, a module of 20 MW Plant Ahala for strengthening of the network.

Finally, the Minister of Water and Energy , takes this opportunity to greet the usual sense of citizenship of the people and reassure them that the Government and stakeholders make every effort to ensure their public service power quality and continue./-


Done in Yaounde, March 16, 2016

The Minister of Water and Energy,

Dr. Basile Atangana Kouna

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