Voeux 2013 au Premier ministre, Chef du gouvernement, Philemon Yang

The six-man delegation of Canadian parliamentarians led by Senator Andreychuk Reynell and the Honourable Mauril Belanger co-presidents of the Parliamentary network, are in Cameroon on the invitation of the President of the National Assembly, Honourable Cavaye Djibril Yeguie. After over an hour of discussions with the Prime Minister, the two co-chairs explained to the press that they are happy to have been asked to share their experiences, both philosophical and practical for bicameralism with their Cameroonian counterparts . On the significance of a bicameral parliament, Honourable Mauril Belanger explained that the two rooms complement and support each other beyond the apparent tensions. Moreover, it has a very expressive formula to explain the importance of these small tensions “is the clash of ideas that sheds light </ i>,”she added. It is therefore not a surprise that the Canadian Parliamentary be excited to share with theirCameroonian counterparts this rich life experience with a bicameral parliamentary system. In practical terms, the Honourable Belanger says it happens regularly that room could see an aspect of a bill that had not been seen by the other chamber, or while an element that had escaped the first examination to be brought out in the Senate and as such improve the law. From personal experience, the president boasts of having participated in joint committees of the House and the Senate. ” I can tell you that the experience and knowledge of both Houses shall ensure that the work product is of high quality and appreciated </ i>,” says he. While recognizing the freedom of Cameroon to choose the model that best suits its specific needs, he reiterated that the benefit of both Houses is obvious. ” Canada and Cameroon have a great friendship that continues to grow </ i>” was keen to stress the Honourable Mauril Belanger, relationships that celebrate their fiftieth anniversary this year. China Development Bank explores in Cameroon </ b> With officials of the China Development Bank, it was mostly revisiting economic opportunities within the Greater Achievement projects of the President of the Republic. The delegation headed by Qu Fu assistant to Lucy Q-Liu, country manager of HAN Change Logone Development Company. This will be presented to the China Development Bank for approval. Once back in China, Chinese investors will present opportunities identified to their board of directors, said the Head of Delegation Qu Fu

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